Freezes using filters

Often lately I have to shut down AEON because it freezes when I apply a filter. (Not always the same one, either, and not all the time, so I can’t replicate it.

Macbook Air os 12.0.1

OS Language Setting: English

App Version 2.3.16

The Aeon file is 107.1 MB – is that the problem?

Unfortunately it is hard to know what could be causing the issue, especially since it isn’t something that can be replicated. That does mean it could be something related to the file size of the program, as opposed to something specific about your file, if it is taking a long time to filter.
Let us know if you can reproduce it more regularly, as that might give us any idea of what the issue is.

Is the size unusually big for Aeon, Jess?

I’m not sure what the usual size would be for someone’s timeline, it does also depend on whether they have attachments or not. I know we have had users with quite large timelines in version 2 before.
If you send through the timeline file to we can see if we can reproduce what you are seeing.