FUTURE FEATURE: The abiliy to Print Reports from Aeon

Especially for people who are using Aeon as a project manager, the ability to print reports from Aeon would be a great addition. Example:

Print out a specific day’s project tasks
Print out a calendar from a specific month with deadlines for project steps
Print out a mind map
Print out a timeline

I’m sure there are many types things that would be handy to print from Aeon for project management

For Fiction:

Print out a list of just the plot steps from the main plot or a specific subplot. Or, in a multi-plot type story, just the plot steps from 2 or more of plot and subplots.

I’m sure there are many other types of reports/printouts that would useful, those are just some that I thought of.


To add to this, for fiction, being able to print the entire timeline at a certain timeline zoom level would be helpful if I want to have a multi-year timeline spread out in one place rather than having to scroll left/right/up/down

Printing character relationships to each other could be useful, too, for easy reference tacked on the wall