Greater variety of addable data to the timeline view

At the moment the list of checkboxes in the “Customise item card” menu seems very limited and arbitrary. If there could be just one additional item on the list, I would argue for tags - and I was really surprised to find those weren’t there. But I think any custom property should appear on the list. If the list gets very long because of this, items could be included or not based on a checkbox in the property settings.


I also think adding Tags to the card would be helpful…

Agreed re tags. This is something that was discussed during the late beta phase. There is also another post re this and an active feature request:

How do I display a Tag in the Timeline?

Hopefully this means Tags will make it to the Timeline. I also advocated for custom properties to be featured on the Timeline. Wordy text properties might be a challenge, but truncated property display combined with hover to reveal full info would work well in that instance. I rely on custom properties heavily in certain areas where relationships don’t work. So I really feel their absence.