How do I display a Tag in the Timeline?

Is it possible to display tags (created on the fly in the Inspector), in the Timeline view? For example, the attached image from ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ shows 2 tags in the Inspector (‘Imposter in Kimono’ and ‘Clue’), but these are not displayed in the timeline. If I wanted to display these in the timeline, is it possible?

This is how it’s done in Aeon 2:

At the moment I can’t test it with Aeon 3 because the trial period has just expired. Does it work for you?

I’m not familiar with the previous version of Aeon as I just discovered it after the upgrade to v3. I tried to play around with the settings as you suggested, but couldn’t find a way to make it work for tags added in the Inspector. Thank you for your help anyway :blush:

There currently isn’t a way to display tags on the timeline view, it is something we have added as a feature request to look at adding in the future.

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Adelaide, I found the topic in the Display settings section of the Knowledge Base:

Display Settings

In addition to the zoom slider, the Timeline View footer contains the following additional controls:

Card Details: Choose which properties are visible on the timeline alongside each item. By ticking Marker Only, items will be collapsed into the tightest possible space without any extraneous information.


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Would this also apply to Notes in the inspector too (for the future)? If so, where will I find this in the feature request plan? Many thanks Jess

Yes this would potentially also include Notes and other properties.
We maintain an internal list of feature requests from users that we review periodically, however we do have our feature request voting page here: Feature Requests | Aeon Timeline which will give you can insight into what we are working on.
Currently that page does feature “Content preview on hover” which is one way that was being considered to enable users to see more detail on Timeline View.

Thanks Jess - that all sounds great! I am really enjoying using this software.

I really think it should be possible to choose what’s visible immediately (without hovering) as well. You never know which specific information is important for some users to see at one glance. Why restrict the possibilities?


This is a really good suggestion Rob. I think both options - ‘with hovering’ and ‘without hovering’ would be the best approach.

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