Hangs on migrating from version 2

Hi. Have been trying to migrate a few timelines from v.2. I go through the various Wizard screens and select the appropriate choices. On the “Ready to go” screen, I press on the “create” button and then nothing happens. There is no response from the button (which does look enabled) to indicate that it has been pressed. Help?

Sorry that you are having problems migrating your version 2 files. We haven’t had any other users with this issue, so it could be something particular about your timeline files. Are you able to send a copy to support@timeline.app ? Along with any instructions on the options you chose in the Wizard Screens? This will help us work out what the issue is.

Hey Jess, thanks for responding. I was playing around with it one more time & discovered that the issue was related to being synced with a Scrivener project that had been moved. For some reason, on the first network I tried it on, it just hung. On my home network it gave a meaningful error message; I turned off sync; and, everything worked.