Help button is still 92% missing in action

Rebecca, reported a while ago – you may feel it was fixed as the neighboring Tools button worked per previous update, but today the Help button is still nearly unusable…it doesn’t respond or illuminate to show it would, save for a tiny bottom fraction.

Here’s the previous: 3.2.17 Tools & Help menu buttons nearly nonfunctional - #5 by narrationsd

Thanks, and should be much nicer for tryouts attracting new purchasers especially when you get to it,

p.s. the same could be said when you stop preventing the Windows Taskbar from rising up to be used, when Timeline is in full Scrren mode (and autohiding Taskbar is set) – these are things new persons will feel blocked on, not to say older hands… :slight_smile:

These things still on fresh 3.2.22

I can confirm that this still is an issue in 3.2.22 on Windows 11 with a 4k monitor, on both 100% and 150% scaling.
It is actually so bad that you risk hitting the “Subway button” on the second menu row instead of activate the help button on click.

It is really strange that they can’t get a simple menu item correctly in focus for an “on mouse click”-action.

Hi @jess, very nice 3.3.2 release today, with the sorting an especially nice new feature. It’s a little trickier in Subway, where we might most use it, as there’s an Autosort thats preset on, in that screen’s settings which overrides . Tested on iPad so far…

However, on Windows 3.2.2, the bug where you almost can’t access the Help menu is still there, and may be worse…it’s just a bottom sliver of that button which can activate, or will cause the button to light with mouse hover.

It must be a clue for @matt that the button just to the left, the Tools menu, had the same problem but was fixed about 2 releases ago. It really feels like a mask problem.

Also, the blocking or Windows Taskbar auto-show at the bottom of the screen, when Aeon Timeline is at full-window size is quite unpleasant, even when we know workarounds. It’s just not how any other apps work, in 2023 :slight_smile:

As both of these are going to be stumbling blocks for new potential customers, trying out your now very capable Timeline releases, would think they should have a priorty to get fixed. Features are fun, and also commercial, but fundamentals will I think do you well!

All best, and appreciating the program,