How can i import links to attachments?

hi - new to aeon and trying to import an absolute link to a desktop file and seem wholly unable to do that. i saw the “convert links to absolute/relative” option but first i need to get them into the system and it seems to be impossible. am i missing something?

Are you trying to import links to your events via importing from a csv/tsv/txt file?
If you are using Windows, then in your csv file, you need the file path to start with file:// for it to work.
Then in the Import window, for the column that contains the Links you want to import, then you should be able to select Links as an option.
Which part of the process is going wrong for you? Are your events being imported without any links to them?

no, i’m using a mac - should it work the same way that way?

and yes, imported without links even when i select links as column. just tried with the file:///User/…etc at the beginning and still not working