How can I see newly synched items?

I am new to this program, it looks extremely useful! I also learned a lot from the tutorials.

I use Scrivener and sync Aeon with my project. I have reviewed all my scenes in Aeon, given them dates, type, and added participants, observers and so on. A very good way to see the big picture.

When I go back to writing in Scrivener, I of course add new scenes. In Aeon they are placed in my narrative, but they lack time and characters, and I want to add that. However, I find it a bit tricky to know which ones are new, and not edited yet. It is quite simple to see which items lack time, but is there a way to see which items lacks characters? I tried filtering out all items that had one of the main characters as participant. It was a good way of finding the right items, but then of course, as soon as I added a main character to it, it was filtered out and disappeared, so I couldn’t add more than one character.

Is there a way to work around this, for instance to see which items are recently synched?

I use Windows

There isn’t a way to see the most recently synced items.
Potentially the easiest way for you to see which events don’t have characters is to use Outline View. This is a view that shows all your events/scenes in the Narrative in a spreadsheet form. You can change what columns of the spreadsheet to display by clicking the right facing arrow (>) next to the Label column in the top left of the view. This will give you a drop down to choose which columns to display.
If you choose “Participant” and “Observer” for example, then these columns will be added to the spreadsheet.
You can now quickly scroll down the spreadsheet to see which events don’t have any characters in these columns.
We have had it requested before to have filters for negative fields (eg. show me all events that don’t have characters), so it is on our feature list to look at.

Thank you! I will try that. Yes, negative filters would be very useful. Especially I think to show narrative items that are not in timeline.

Another way I thought of to find the new items I have synced from Scrivener but not edited in Aeon, is to give all new scenes in Scrivener a set date that is not in the novel, for instance 1 Jan 1900. Then they are easy to find, and I can add characters and then a correct date.

Thank you for a very useful program!