How do I add a citation?

I need to add source citation information to each “Event.” How do I add another column to the spreadsheet that displays this data? I would like to be able to toggle it on/off for viewing.

I have searched the tutorials and support section but don’t understand how to use the “Sources” option in the right sidebar. Do I have to create a unique Source for each event? ty

I think you could go to View > Show Settings > Data Types. Select Edit for Properties (lower right of the Timeline Settings box). Add a new property “Citation” (or something like that) and apply it to the Event item type. You should then be able to toggle it on and off in either Spreadsheet or Outline views.

Thank you, Steve. That works great. I feel like I missed something in the tutorial, but maybe it just was not there.

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I’m glad I could help. I’m still pretty new to Aeon Timeline myself!