How do I create a character who is still alive?

When I create a Character Type entry it asks for birth date and death date. But in my story, the character is alive–that is, has no death date. AT seems to fill in the death date for me. How do I delete the death date, to show the character is still alive? (seems an obvious question, I apologize if it’s already been asked and answered. I couldn’t find the answer in this forum, though)

Hi James,

I think I have your answer. Select the Character, and in the Inspector window, go down to Dates. As an example, type in February 26, 1979 for Birth—this changes automatically to Mon 26 Feb 1979. Above that line you’ll note the Ongoing option-check that box. You’re done. Death will be faded, and Duration will show 43 years, 6 months. There’s also an option in that line to lock the dates.


Son of a gun! I didn’t even SEE the “Ongoing” check box! Thanks for the swift answer!