How do I create an off-site backup?

According to the help page found here (Recovering backup files - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base, it is highly encouraged to keep an off-site backup. Okay. I’m good with that and really want to.

It is possible that I’m missing something here, but how do I do an off-site backup? If you’ve got the backup folder hidden because of the incremental backups - and that’s fine - how do I backup my files onto a hard drive, into the cloud, etc.? I use OneDrive for almost all of my cloud backups, and have Aeon Timeline on my two iPads, plus various timelines in Dropbox so that I can access them from my Windows machine, as well as my iPads.

I searched the help page and the forum and only turned up a complaint about the hidden folder.

Please help.

If you are storing your timeline files in Dropbox, then this is already an off-site backup, as it is storing your files somewhere where you will still have access to them if your computer dies.

If you are after an entire backup system stored off-site that also guards against file corruption (like what our backup system does), then you would need to save backup files to somewhere like Dropbox incrementally. This could be done manually, or using external software that automates this process.