How do I make use of Narrative / Outline View's Automatic function? (Solved)


I’m using Aeon Timeline 3 on a Mac, and I primarily use the Outline View, but I genuinely do not understand the “auto” function in the Section column as it…doesn’t seem to do automate anything, except automatically designate everything as a scene which happens even without the option. Below is a picture of the settings I have for Narrative.

When I look at the Position column in Outline View, or look at the Narrative view, nothing is automatic except the scenes. Even if I change an event to Background, or Exposition, or literally anything else it’s Position is still “Scene” until I manually change it’s Section.

I think I’m just not understanding how Automatic works and what it’s supposed to do. Am I missing specifying certain settings in the Narrative Timeline Settings?

To clarify what I want it to do, I want it to automatically change the Section when I either 1) change event’s Type to another thing, OR 2) when I create my wanted Type using shortcuts, automatically identify Position as the same Type. Is this possible or am I trying to get it to do something that it wasn’t made for?

“Automatic” in the Section dropdown in the inspector isn’t there to automate the position name based on the event type, but instead it automates the position name based on its nested position.

For example, according to the settings that you have posted, when you first add a folder to the Narrative it will be given the position name “Ch”. This will be true for any folder at the same level. However if you then nest a folder inside another one, it will use the next level down that it can (in this case that is Scene). Once it exhausts through this list, then it continues to use the last in the list (Scene).

This is then true of the other event types, the first one in the nesting hierarchy will be Scene, but any nested inside will be set as “BG”.

I hope this makes sense, let us know if you have anymore questions and sorry for the confusion it has caused. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change the position name automatically based on the different event types.


Ahhh. Okay, this makes much more sense. Thanks!