How do you use themes?

Any ideas or suggestions about this aspect? There is no help anywhere I can find.

Themes is another entity type you can use to filter and group your events (like Character or Location). We have had a few questions about it, so we are planning to add more specific information about aspects of our templates, however you can choose not to use it if it is not useful to you.

Thanks. I look forward to it

If you have recurring topics that are supposed to show up in your story – like β€žgreedβ€œ as an overall theme – you could use this item to track in which scenes this theme is covered.

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You could also do that with properties, right?

Yes! There’s many ways in Aeon and you can choose what fits needs most.

Thank-you for the clear explanation, Rob. I had not been able to find any explanation of this in the documentation or tutorials.