How is concurrent access to files handled?

I would like to access a single .aeon file on two devices (Windows) simultaneously. Two scenarios are considered:

  • direct access to a single file through a Windows share mounted on each device
  • separate files synchronized via a mechanism such as Syncthing (or a git pull)

For each of the two cases I am wondering about

  • a truly concurrent access (files are open and updated on both devices simultaneously)
  • independent access where the updates are done exclusively when the other instance is closed

Are there any provisions to any of these 2 x 2 = 4 cases?

Currently with Aeon Timeline, for both scenarios listed, you would only be able to the second case (where you can only have the file open and doing edits when the other one is closed). Mechanisms such as git pull would not be able to merge changes made on two files at once, and so it would have to be done one at a time.

We are working on providing functionality in the future that would provide true concurrent access, but this is not available yet.