How to create chinese pak myself

Looking for help, how can I translate en-US.pak, create my own chinese.pak, and be loaded by aeon timeline, and be able to use the Chinese interface

my case:
Recently, I am designing a story outline. Aeon timeline is the only perfect software I can find. Its modeling and display meet all my inspirations, but looking at the English elements, my thinking is completely stuck, and I can’t find it. To the Chinese version, I want to try to translate it myself.

The following is my toss and encounter blocking


aeon timeline软件安装目录下locales\en-US.pak,是否可以自己翻译成中文

Yes, you can translate the "en-US.pak" file in the "locales" directory of the Aeon Timeline software installation to your desired language, such as Chinese (中文). However, please keep in mind that modifying the language files directly might require some knowledge of the file format and the translation process.

To translate the Aeon Timeline software into Chinese:

Locate the "locales" directory:
Navigate to the installation directory of Aeon Timeline on your computer. Look for a folder named "locales" or a similar directory that contains language files.

Backup the "en-US.pak" file:
Before making any changes, create a backup copy of the "en-US.pak" file. This way, you can easily revert to the original English version if needed.

Use Translation Tools:
Open the "en-US.pak" file using a text editor or a translation tool that can handle binary JSON files (which is the format of the ".pak" files). Translate the text strings from English to Chinese. Be careful not to modify the structure or formatting of the file.

Save the Translated File:
Save the translated file as "zh-CN.pak" (or any other appropriate name for Chinese) in the same "locales" directory.

Restart Aeon Timeline:
After saving the translated file, restart the Aeon Timeline software. It should now display the interface in Chinese based on your translation.

Keep in mind that modifying core software files can sometimes lead to unexpected issues or conflicts with future updates. It's a good practice to make a backup and only modify files if you are confident in what you are doing.

If the Aeon Timeline software has an official localization or translation support, it might be better to follow their official guidelines and tools for translating the software into Chinese or other languages. Additionally, you can reach out to the Aeon Timeline support team or community to inquire about translation options and contributions.

then I use notepad++ open en-US.pak get unknow code


The content you provided appears to be in binary format, likely encoded in UTF-8 or another encoding. It seems to be a localization file for the Aeon Timeline software, containing strings and special characters for translation purposes.

Translating such binary files directly in a text editor like Notepad++ might not be the most straightforward approach, as you might encounter difficulties with encoding and maintaining the binary structure of the file.

For translating binary files like this, it's recommended to use specific localization or translation tools that can handle the binary format properly. These tools can extract the translatable strings, allow you to translate them, and then recompile the binary file with the translated strings.

If the Aeon Timeline software provides official localization support, they might have specific tools or guidelines for translating the software into different languages. It's a good idea to check their official website or documentation for information on translation and localization.

Alternatively, you can contact the Aeon Timeline support team or community to inquire about translation options and how to contribute translations in your desired language. They might be able to provide you with the necessary tools or instructions for translating the software accurately.

Unfortunately this information is incorrect, while the en-US.pak file exists, it is not what Aeon Timeline uses for our display, and therefore you would be unable to change the translation by modifying this file.

We do have plans in the future to make Aeon Timeline available in different languages, but it is not something available at this time.

Thanks reply.

Looking forward to the distant progress in the future, I try to adapt to the English element nouns.

After reading your reply, express your thoughts by the way.

The language configuration file can be extended, and the user can create a new language translation configuration file localization.

I really want to buy it and start creating the design immediately. This software is really good. Its model design and multi-display of entity and event relationship are so awesome!!!

As an IT engineer, I admire your creativity very much