How to have a sday without the time

In the iOS app, in “Date & Narrative”, you have the choice between year, month, day or time. But in the Mac desktop version, it seems you cannot choose “day” without having the time too, unless I missed something.

I found a way around by erasing manually the time part of the day selection, which is fortunately possible, but it would be simpler to have the same kind of choice as the one in the iOS app, namely day without having to specify a time.

I take it you are talking about the calendar picker used to select the date for an event in the inspector?
You should be able to select Day precision in this on the desktop verson aswell, and it should adjust the date to not have a time.
Is the “Date” option not available for you at all in the Precision box dropdown menu, or when it is selected does it still display a time?

You are right, I found it. I hadn’t clicked on the calendar icon where a combo gives the choice. Thanks.