How to set up character hierarchy in sync settings and Scrivener to match AT3 hierarchy?

I’ve organized my characters in Aeon Timeline 3 as follows:

  • Tribe (Tribe data type)
    – Clan (Clan data type)
    — Hunting Party (Hunting party data type)
    — Character group (Character group data type, for people not in a Hunting party)
    ---- Person (Person data type)
    Each has the next level up set as a parent type, so Person could have either or both Character Group / Hunting party.

I’ve been trying to get this to sync across to a new Scrivener file for over an hour now! Yup, I’ve read all the help and forum entries I can find about character sync, but I’m still not getting there, and getting more and more muddled.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this so that the character hierarchy in Scrivener matches Aeon?