How to sync backstory items to a different folder in Ulysses


Using the fiction template on Mac – I would like to sync my worldbuilding elements to a different folder in Ulysses, in the same way Locations and Characters are synced to their own folders outside the narrative.

I see it’s possible to change an event to “backstory” that doesn’t appear in the narrative – but how do I link that event to a separate folder in Ulysses (or is there another way to do this?)


If you want to sync items to another folder in Ulysses (like characters and locations), then they can’t appear in the Chronological order views (Spreadsheet, Subway and Relationship). Items of the type “Backstory” are by default shown in this view, as they are by default an Event type (like Event, or Flashback). You can change this in Advanced Settings.
If you open Settings (the cog icon), then click Data Types then Edit, this will open Advanced Settings. If you click on Backstory in the list on the left, you can untick Chronological Order.
If you do this, then you will also have to remove it as a parent type from the other event types (Event, Flashback, Flashforward), which you can do by clicking on those items in the list and deselecting Backstory as a parent.

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