How to sync character and place info?

When I try to sync with Scrivener, I get a blank document for each character and place. The characters have info (occupation, goals, etc.) that is not transferring. When I go into the sync menu and go the “Sync Properties” the only option I get for gender, occupation, etc. is either “none” or “create new”. I’m not sure what I am missing here. Thanks in advance for you help!

If you are syncing properties across to Scrivener (such as occupation etc.) they are stored in your Scrivener document as custom metadata (not in the actual document content itself).

If you don’t already have any custom metadata fields set up, then the syncing process will need to create one for you. If you select the option “None” in the Sync Properties, then this just means you don’t want to sync this property. If you choose “Create New”, then it will create a new custom metadata field in your document, and then sync the information across to that.

More information about syncing can be found on our website here: Scrivener and Ulysses - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base

Aha. So I want to select create new. If I put text in the scrivener document for the character, will it mess anything up on the Aeon timeline end when I sync?

No, Aeon Timeline doesn’t have access to the text in the actual document in Scrivener, so that won’t mess up any syncing.

The only thing to be aware of, is if you haven’t set a title for your document in Scrivener, then both Scrivener (and therefore Aeon Timeline) look at first the synopsis, and then the starting line of the document to get a title.

Therefore the only thing with syncing that could change by adding text to the document, would be its title if you haven’t already set one.

Thank you so much for your help!