ID numbers and blanks

So I took the Novel template and created two events, then I edited the Event Type “Compact Display” and changed it to Identifier instead of Short label. When I created my next event, this is what I ended up with:

Which makes perfect sense: there is no ID for the first two but Aeon not only adds one for the third entry, but recognizes that it is the third. The problem is…

I have heard of some personality types who have CDO tendencies (OCD, but with the letters properly alphabetized) and they would like (all right, they need) to put the “EV1” and “EV2” in the little boxes.

Can they do that?
(asking for a friend who has the same name as me)

The first two events should actually already have the EV1 and EV2 as the ID, if you change to another view, and then go back to Spreadsheet View they should appear.

That is indeed the case. Wonderful.

My friend is so happy.