Import csv file with multiple links per event does not work

I cannot open a ver 2 file because I want to use the Julian calendar, so I use export/import.
I find that if an event has multiple links they are imported incorrectly. Only events with 1 links works.
Please correct because I have a big ver 2 file with many events with multiple links.

When you say they are being imported incorrectly, what is happening? Is it only importing one link, or is it merging the multiple links into many?
What delimiter are you using to separate the links in the csv file?

I tried with a comma and a semicolon as delimiter, both gave the same results.
In the csv file the links are “merged” seperated by a “|” symbol.
It is imported in the aeon file in the same way, not as multiple seperate links.

Currently only a comma is able to be used to separate multiple values in a field (eg. multiple links), which is why yours are being merged together. (See the rules for csv importing here: Rules for formatting imported text files - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base) We will look at changing this to also include the | symbol as this was also able to be used in version 2.

I have used Export in Aeon TimeLine version 2 to create the csv file.
In this file the comma is used as separator.
In the Aeon TimeLine v2 file there are many events with multiple links.
AeonTimeLine is converting these links to links merged together and separated by the “|” symbol.
So I conclude that v2 does not met the requirements of v3.
If you agree please change or v2 or v3.

As a workaround I could replace the | charater with a comma with Notepad+.