Important Events that appear on Timeline but aren't part of it

As always, I hope this hasn’t been addressed and I just haven’t been able to find it…

I’m an author and use Timeline extensively to track the story’s timeline. I was wondering if its possible to add events to the timeline that can be displayed in the timeline any yet exist outside it? For example…

While writing it can be important to know that an important world event happened on said date, since my story happens on that day and it may very well affect the characters and need to be mentioned. More specifically - can you imagine having a scene happening on Sep 11 2001 and actually NOT mentioning it. It’s a pretty important date for Americans and any story that takes place on that date and doesn’t mention it would be… odd at best.

It would most helpful if it existed outside the story timeline, much like character birthdays exist outside the visible timeline as an icon.

I am a new user and so haven’t had the time to explore every function and haven’t yet found any helpful YouTube tutorials for Aeon Timeless.

Appreciate any guidance,

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Hi Eric,

Dunno if this is the most expedient way, but. You could create a new item type, make sure you allow dates, and use it for the events you don’t want on your normal timeline. Then you can show them or not as desired on the timeline using the type chooser at the bottom.

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Thanks for your quick reply! As an aside… while i was out picking up groceries a few minutes ago the germ of this same idea occurred to me. I just sat down ands started working again and saw I had a reply! This helped bring it into focus!

Thanks again!


I’m a noob, so take with a handful of salt, but . . . does the Calendar Markers option fit the bill here?