Importing TSV Files

Is it possible to import a TSV file and direct it to a particular Mind Map?

Clearly we can get the file into AEON as a mind map node but I don’t see a way to direct the file to a particular Mind Map as part of the import process.

So far the only method I can see is to do the following:

  • Import File
  • Display in Spreadsheet mode
  • Select the file in question
  • Use the contextual menu to select the Mind Map where you want the item to appear


No it currently isn’t possible to import an item directly into a chosen Mindmap. It is something we can add to our feature request list.

You are correct that the only way to do it now is to manually add it to the Mindmap once it has been imported. Other than the way you mentioned, you can also do it using split screens and drag and drop.