In app updater do not work on Windows 11

OS: Latest windows 11
earlier version of Aeon: 3.0.22

When I try to update Aeon with the in app updater, it restart my computer and I get the “updated to 3.1.4” message, but then when closing that dialog box and opening a project/timeline, the “update” shows again and when clicking it ask to install 3.1.4 over again, then shut down Aeon, next time I open Aeon 3, the same thing happens all over…

I had to download the installer from the website and do a “full install” to get the update working.

And when just running the in app updater, the right click did not work either, it does after running the “full install” from the downloaded installer.

Just for information:
It can no longer be reproduced after installing from the downloaded installer.

Thanks for reporting this to us. We are aware a small number of Windows users have had issues with updating, and are looking into it.