Information in the Timeline view not showing in spreadsheet view

I have 750 entries in my timeline, including dates and colors. When I switch to spreadsheet view, none of this shows in the columns. When I export to put into Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel, the information is all messed up.

Here is a snapshot of my Timeline in timeline view and a duplicate in spreadsheet view.

[Aeon Timeline Version 3.1.8]

I see from your screenshots that they are actually of two different files.

Just to clarify, if you click on Spreadsheet View on the original file (the one on the left), does it also not show the dates and colours?

To show on the screen I copied and pasted the file. So they are the same information the file on the left looks just like the one on the right in Speadsheet view

Have you been doing any syncing with Scrivener/Ulysses? It may end up that this process has caused duplicate events, so that one group has the dates/colours recorded, and the other doesn’t.

If you search for one of the events (eg. “The Tenth Tattoo begins”), does it show two events or only one?

If not, then if you could send through the timeline file to, then we can look at see what is going wrong.

I have not sync’d a timeline with Scrivener or Ulysses. I’ve tried, but was never successful. With this timeline, I have been exporting it as TSV, importing it into Apple Numbers, exporting as TSV and importing it into Timeline. I’ve notice that doing this will duplicate the events. Heavy duplications. I went through and deleted the duplicates. At one point, I exported from Timeline using the Timeline Standard Format option and started over. Now the events has DE numbers instead of EV number. Oh well. Gave up on it.

If you are able to send us the file at, then we can look into it and determine if there are still duplicate events which are causing what you are seeing.

In regards to the importing/exporting TSV files, in order to not have duplicates if you are re-importing into an existing timeline, you need to make sure you have set up your TSV file correctly with an “Internal ID” column which will notify Aeon Timeline what events in the file correspond to which ones in the TSV file (it does not try to match on names or something similar).

You can read about how to do that here: Updating existing items via Import - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base