Inspector panel in Spreadsheet

Yesterday update to v 3.2.17 and found strange behavior:
In Spreadsheet click on item (NOT on Order cell) and inspector panel show “No item selected”…But item show as selected (look, but if i click on Order - Inspector work fine ( . Can you fix it and do, that inspector always show actual item?

This was a deliberate change for people who have set the inspector to show automatically on selection, so they can work within the table and have the inspector automatically tucked away until they select an item.

However we understand some people may prefer to always have the inspector open, is this the case for you? We are considering how the best to support both use cases, how would you typically be using the inspector while you are working in Spreadsheet View?

Hello! thank you for you answer!
My workflow:
i have abou 500+ task and epic in my attention…All this item i save in AT, and it’s super comfortable!
every day i open AT in view Spreadsheet, select filter and scroll all my task)
when i found intresting task - i click on it and whant see inspector with attached URL (i save in it URL for task in JIRA and URL for conversation in mattermost).
Before update i can click in any place of task-string, After i must click only on ORDER colums…Memory it…Move mouse, then return…take some time(

What i propose:

  • If inspector select always - return old behavior (click any place of task show info about task)
  • If Other - use new behavior

I would much prefer the Inspector properties to show when any cell of the item is selected.

Here’s a possible middle ground:

Leave the behavior as is, but provide a keyboard shortcut that selects the entire item (tantamount to clicking on the order number)…showing the inspector with the item’s properties. (However, I could see that as being similar to toggling the Inspector :-/

jess maybe you can help us and do small fix?)

Oops, sorry, I didn’t see this when I looked, and I just submitted a feature request for this very thing. So please delete/ignore that.

If I’m working on updates via the inspector panel, it’s a lot of mouse movement to keep going back and forth between the panel and the position column to work the next desired row.

I tried to move the position column to the far right so it would be right next to the inspector panel, but couldn’t move the column. I’d be good with that as an alternative.

I’d also be good with the option to move the inspector panel to the far left.


Out of curiosity, have you tried just setting the inspector to “Always Shown” in this scenario?

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I do have it set to always show. :slight_smile: But it still requires that I click on the Position column (outline)–or Order column (spreadsheet), or the first column (relationship)–in order for the details of the row selected to show up in the Inspection panel.


Ah, yes, now I see your point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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