iOS Display Issues

Platform: iPhone
OS Version: Aeon Timeline
Version: 3.1.8
Shell Version: 3.1.8
Opening mode: Editor
Operating System: iPhone 16.3.1
Device Model: iPhone12,1
OS Language Setting: English GB

Various elements in the user interface on iOS are broken and unusable. Trying to access Advanced Settings is impossible as any attempt to scroll down to reveal the menu item simply ‘bounces’ it back down to beyond the visible area.

Also, various functions within the interface offer no way back as the Back button does not work. So, for instance, attempting to change an item type does not have a functioning Back button and the only way out is to choose an Item Type. Not a huge problem, but annoying.

Long-pressing Items in various views and selecting More Items yields the same problem. Without making a selection from the subsequent menu there is no way back out of the action menu.

These issues have been a problem for a long time and I am sure I have reported them previously (although I can’t find that post here, so perhaps it was from the beta phase?).

These bugs are reproducible on all timeline files and can be consistently triggered.

Thanks for reporting these. They have been fixed by developers, so should be available in the next beta that is released.

Thanks Jess. I’ll look forward to testing the fixes when they come through in the next beta.