Is downgrade to version 2 possible?

I’m using Aeontimeline v3.1.9.
I still have a v2.3.16 installation on my Windows computer.
Is it possible to migrate/convert/export my .aeon file to use in Aeontimeline v2.3.16?

You can run both version 2 and 3 on the same computer, you just need to be sure that you install to different folders.

I think it should be possible to export events, characters, locations, and arcs as csv with Aeon 3 and import them into a new project with Aeon 2. But I don’t know what relationships can be transferred in the process.

If you are a programmer, you can read the .aeon file with a script and create an .aeonzip file from the data. I have created Python program libraries that can read both file formats, and write the .aeonzip format. But because those were intended for a different purpose (data exchange with yWriter), you would first need to understand and adapt them to combine them appropriately.
See the script and the aeon3yw and aeon2yw projects on GitHub.

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Thank you.
Aeon v2 had a webexport function, since v3 it is promised, I becomes urgent to have that webexport funtion again. I try to find a way to use the webexport function in Aeon v2.
I am not a professional programmer, just an amateur so I can try it. Where can I find documentation about both fileformats?

There is an extensive discussion about the Aeon file formats in another thread:

In short: Both Aeon 2 and Aeon 3 organize the data as JSON data structure, so you can use any programming language with JSON support.

  • Aeon 2 compresses the JSON file to a ZIP container.
  • Aeon 3 merges the JSON data with other binary data.

The script linked above can read both formats and create a JSON file that you can inspect with any text editor, preferably one with JSON syntax highlighting.

The internal structure of the JSON files from Aeon 2 and Aeon 3 are somewhat different. I don’t know whether there is an official specification; I just analyzed the data structures with a small project. The data structures are not exactly straightforward; there is a lot of need to look up UIDs and to track references across the whole file. So if you are a beginner in programming, this could be quite a challenge.

Have you already tried the csv transfer?

I tried csv transfer but this gave no good results.

If your Aeon 3 project is not excessively complex, but has just too many events on the timeline to rebuild with Aeon 2, you could also try to create a yWriter project with aeon3yw and then convert it to an Aeon2 project with aeon2yw . That is, synchronize with an empty Aeon 2 project. The yWriter project file (.yw7) serves only as an intermediate format, so you don’t need a yWriter installation. With the help of configuration files you can control this process to some extent, but you have to deal with the instructions for use in any case.

Be aware, however, that such an approach is not what these file converters are intended for. It is quite possible that the results obtained with them do not surpass the CSV transfer.