Is it just me, or is the UI a bit sluggish?

In particular, it’s noticeable when switching between views. This takes 2-3 seconds on both my fairly powerful computers.

This is on Win 10

Hi adrm,
Sorry to hear that the UI feels sluggish to you.

Are you working with a particularly large timeline file?

A 2-3 second lag when switching views is not something I have experienced or had any recent reports of during beta testing (we had some issues which we resolved many months ago).


Hi Matt.

No, it’s not big at all, but if I remember correctly, it was converted from a .aeonzip file, using some version of the beta a good while back.
Perhaps that has something to do with it?

I can try to do some exact measurements of what the actual times are tomorrow. Sometimes delays feel much longer than they actually are :slight_smile:

It is something we will keep an eye out for.

If you do some testing and feel it is file specific, you could send a copy of the file to us at and we can do some testing on our end.

Otherwise, can you provide a few more details on your hardware setup – what is your CPU, memory, and perhaps importantly, screen size and resolution (is it a High-DPI display etc)?

If it was a rendering/graphics related issue, does it feel faster if you make the window smaller so there is less “work to do”?

Sorry for all the questions, it will just help us get a handle on what is happening.


Hi Matt.
I’ve now conducted a few tests using a stopwatch.

My systems are:

  1. Desktop PC: 6-core i7, 64GB RAM, screen res. 2560x1440
  2. Ultra-book: Quad-core i7, 16GB RAM, screen res. 3000x2000

I did the tests on the desktop PC only, but the response I get on both feels very similar.
Making the window (very) small changes nothing.

File used for the test: The included Murder on the Orient Express. That said, my experience does not seem to be related to the file in use.

After the file has been loaded, swapping between view takes 3-5 seconds (not 2-3), allowing for some inaccuracies in measurement, several attempts confirm this.

In the Spreadsheet view, selecting an item near the top and clicking the [+] to insert a new item below it takes 4-5 seconds.

As I’m the only one reporting this, I take it this is not a common problem. But it’s still very real at my end, unfortunately.

Yes, that does sound very strange.

Any speed issues we have had reported by users through our beta testing typically related to quite large files, and nothing the size of our murder demo files, and we made quite a few improvements there.

So I am not really sure what might be going on in your case, particularly if you are seeing it across two different computers.

They both sound like they have reasonable specs, the screen resolution is about 1080p but not crazily so, etc.

I assume this performance seems out of line with other apps you use?

I will need to think about this further and try to work out the best way to investigate the speed issues you are experiencing. We might need to take this into an email discussion, and I might see if I can build a custom version of our app with some extra timing logging to work out where the lag is coming from.


Further testing is fine with me.

No, I experience no noticeable sluggishness in other applications.
(Well, except for Vivaldi which is less snappy of late, but I’ve assumed that’s caused by the large number of tabs I have open, plus the extensions installed in the browser.)

An update:
File size, i.e. number of items, does affect the performance for me.

A new project for just 2 persons and 3 events feels quite responsive, i.e. perhaps only 0.25-0.5s delay between views.

I have noticed an occasional unexpected delay switching views.
Especially if I switch back to the open program having been working in something else: that can be 2-3+ seconds. I’d not describe it as sluggish, just slower than I expect a program to be.
This is with a very small file (16 events). Always a slight hesitancy when loading spreadsheet view.

I haven’t timed or tested it and would never have posted anything if there weren’t an open thread. It’s just a subjective impression after using other programs.

Hi Dormouse,
Are you syncing that file with Scrivener or Ulysses at all?

When you move away to another app window, and then return to the Aeon screen, that is one of our triggers for checking if there are any syncing changes.

So it may be possible that is causing the delay you are experiencing when you return to the app.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Brand new file.
As I say, I wouldn’t identify it as an issue for me, just adding my observation to the other report. But a definite delay.
After starting this reply, I switched to have a look. It was in Timeline view, I switched to Spreadsheet and it was 5 seconds + before it loaded. Was blank for a time. Actually at 5+ seconds for a tiny file, it’s starting to feel like an issue for me. But it’s much faster once its warmed up. As if it’s in hibernation and takes a while to fetch info from a cache. So not a big issue.

Thanks for that.

I do think that Some part of the Apple library is quietly putting something to sleep without us knowing, and it can take a while for it to spin up.

The problem is that it is very difficult to reproduce to understand what might be happening there.

I will continue to look into it though.

I should have mentioned that I’m W10, the same as adrm

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I can go back to chasing shadows on one operating system instead of two!


FYI, I tried disabling the anti-virus (AVG Internet Security) since it’s a common component on both systems. No difference that I noticed.

I’m observing the same sluggishness when switching between views as adrm has described (using included Murder on the Orient Express file).

Version / Shell Version: 3.1.6
Operating System: Windows 10

We are currently working on some optimisations that should improve the sluggishness, although seeing this amount of delay on the Murder on the Orient Express file is more unusual (usually it would be for larger files). Would you be able to send through the specifications of your computer? If you open the start menu and search for About, it will come up with the About Your PC option. Could you send through the information listed under Device Specifications?

For sure. I have a i5-3570K CPU@3.40GHz with 16.0 GB RAM, win10x64.

Same here.
I could work on a 106KB file very well with AT2. After I converted it into a 3MB file with AT3, it running sluggish.
Firstly I thought it may be influnced by Scrivener syncing or version converting. Then I rebuilt it.
I tried to rebuild some part of the old file. Now it is only 819KB but sluggish.

My computer is i9-9920x with 32GB RAM, Win10 21H2. The old file has 365 events, and new file has 182 events.
It’s about 15% of my complete project. I don’t know if it is rendering bug or anything else, hope it could be fixed then I can expand my project.

I also have the same problem, please solve it, it is the latest version 3.1.9