Is it just me, or?

Tonight I clicked on the Aeon Timeline alias expecting to have the timeline I’ve worked on appear. No. Instead, a full screen Welcome and the option to Create New or Open, and…no Recent Files listed. I hadn’t used the program in several months, but…what? Normally, the file would open, and there you were. It’s very disheartening, though not critical; no synching outside the app.

I was going to sleep on this, but there’s really nothing to add. I paid for V3 initially but have no renewals thus far. If I can’t resolve this, App Cleaner can have it.

No changes to either the OS or computer.


The recent files list in any application can be cleared, either by the app or from outside the app.

Can you open your timeline by name? Hopefully, you saved your timeline to a file.

Thank you for answering…I did find an older saved copy, still V3, and didn’t lose too much in the process.

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