Is it possible to combine timeline files?

Please excuse me if this has already been asked, nothing came up in my search of the forum.

Is it possible to combine different .aeon files into one?

I’m working on a series of 3 novels (3 so far, it might become more next year) and made a separate timeline, as a separate file, for each one. Now that I’m almost done with my translation of #2 and halfway that of #3, it turns out it would have been better to treat the story as one timeline - I decided not to do that when we were still in beta, in case it could not handle that many characters, events and places.

No big deal if it can’t be done, just means I have a lot of extra entries to make…

Just an idea, but not based on my own experience: You could try it via the csv export/import.
To prepare this, you might want to edit the exported CSV files in a spreadsheet like LibreOffice Calc (e.g. remove duplicate IDs, if necessary).
At the beginning maybe import some single lines into your most elaborated timeline to overview the result.

Or copy the csv export files of all three timelines together, and try to create a new timeline from them. Of course, edit first and follow the rules for importing as described here:

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Thank you so much, a cvs export/import worked almost perfectly: Timeline, Spreadsheet, Relationships and Subway are just as they should be. (I haven’t used Narrative or Outline, so can’t say anything about that). Only the Mindmap doesn’t seem to have survived the ex/import, but that’s no problem in this case.