Is there a way demote a version 3 file to version 2?

Try a week version 3, but I still like version 2 feature, want change the file modify by version 3 back to version 2, is there some way to do this?
thank you!

Hi Philip,

I haven’t found an easy way to do that, because there is much more information in Aeon 3 than Aeon 2 can handle. Also, with Aeon 3 you can create events without or with incomplete time/date information, which Aeon 2 then cannot process. Frankly, I would enter the changes in Aeon 2 by hand if there are not too many. But maybe there are some options:

  1. Events might be transferred via csv export/import. You have to set a date format in Aeon 3 that Aeon 2 can read, and if possible include only what exists in Aeon 2 in the export.

  2. If you have created a lot of events, characters and locations and relationships that you can’t transfer satisfactorily via csv, there is still the possibility to use the yWriter format as an intermediate step. I have a Python script that converts Aeon 3 projects to yWriter (it works best if all your events are assigned to the narrative). Another Python script synchronizes yWriter projects with Aeon 2 timelines. The programs are not actually made for such a use case, so I can’t promise for sure that it will work for you. In any case, keep backup copies of your Aeon files.

  3. If all this doesn’t work, you could try the Scrivener synchronization, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about that.

By the way, if you have built a narrative, you can convert it to an ODT document with the aeon3odt extension for LibreOffice.

Would be nice if you could share your experience here.
Good luck,


Peter is correct, due to the amount of new features in Aeon Timeline 3, you are unable to open a version 3 file in version 2. So the easiest thing would probably be to do a csv import/export into version 2 to get the bulk of your information into a version 2 file.