Is there a way to copy-paste text?

I love AeonTimeline, and I’m using it in conjunction with other writing software (not Scrivener or Ulyses), and I would like to transfer information from one app to another and for this, being able to copy-paste text in AeonTimeline would be super useful, but so far it doesn’t let me to copy-paste anything in AeonTimeline, so it’s frustrating to have to spend double the time retyping something in AeonTimele when a simple copy-paste fuction could be a great help and so time-saving.

Ok. I just discovered that even though you can’t copy-paste by using the mouse; it is still posible to select the text with the mouse and then use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys to copy-paste text from and to AeonTimeline.

Though, being able to do it by clicking the mouse, as I can do in other apps, would be great.