Is there a way to log out of another device?

Hello, I have a total of 5 devices. My phone, my mac, my 2 ipads, and my windows PC. I installed Aeon Timelines 5 on all of them

A few weeks ago, I had to reformat my mac as it was low on space. Now I can’t log in to access the app because it states I have hit the limit. I am wondering if there is another way to see all the devices the app is currently log into, so I can see which devices are currently logged in and remotely log out of these devices.

Looking at the my account setting in the other versions only gives me the option to log out of that device which I don’t want to do because I use Aeon Timeline on all devices:

Right now, I know I only have 4 devices logged in (the phone, the 2 ipads, and my windows PC) and I am unsure why I can’t log in to my mac after I’ve reformat it

There is no way to do this yourself, but if you email us as, then we can do it for you.
Did you log out of your account on your Mac before you reformatted it? If you didn’t, this would explain why it still thinks it has 5 devices logged in.

Unfortunately no, I didn’t think that it would still consider my account logged in.

I’ll send an email to support, though hopefully there will be a way to track the devices without having to contact support

Hello, I would like to report that after sending the gmail, I got logged out of my iPad (I don’t know why) but I still can’t log in to it or my mac. So now I only have 3 out of my 5 devices logged in but it’s showing that it’s a max despite not being the case