Issue with the repeat calendar marker occurence number after the second marker

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Windows 10 Home
OS Version: 21H2
OS Language Setting: English Canada

App Version

Version: 3.1.5
Application Shell: 3.1.4

Problem Description + Screenshots

Issue: The marker’s hover text of a repeat calendar marker every 7 days with a personalized date format is not showing the correct occurrence number after the second occurrence.

All markers, starting on the start date, show on the correct day, every 7 days.

The hover text shows the following occurrence number for the personalized calendar starting on 1070-12-20 (months of 26 days):

  • 1070-12-20: 1st occurrence → OK
  • 1070-13-01: 2nd occurrence → OK
  • 1070-13-08: 9th occurrence - INCORRECT - it should be the 3rd occurrence
  • 1070-13-15: 16th occurrence - INCORRECT - should be the 4th occurrence
  • 1070-13-15: 23rd occurrence - INCORRECT - should be the 5th occurrence and so on.

The occurrence number is correct if the repeat is:

  • Every 1 month
  • Every 1 day

On a blank timeline using a real calendar with a calendar marker every 7 days starting on 2022-03-01, the hover text issue also starts after the 2nd occurrence but is unpredictable afterward. The hover text shows the following:

  • 2022-03-01: 1st occurrence → OK
  • 2022-03-08: 2nd occurrence → OK
  • 2022-03-15: Sometimes shows 3rd occurrence, sometimes 9th occurrence (it changed between flipping between writing this post and the application).
  • 2022-03-22: Sometimes 10th occurrence, sometimes 16th occurrence (it changed unpredictably just by scrolling the range of dates visible).

The occurrence number is incorrect if the repeat is not a multiple of 1, such as 168 hours (7 days * 24 hours) for which the 3rd occurrence shows as the 170th occurrence for both the personalized and real calendar.

The issue occurs whether an until date is entered or not (I tried 2022-05-24 on the real calendar and it shows as the 73rd occurrence - that’s equivalent to more than a year).

Steps to reproduce

Personalized calendar setup:

  • The first 13 months are 26 days
  • 14th month has 27 days
  • Every 4 years, the 14th month has 28 days (leap year)

Calendar marker setup:

  • Start: 1070-12-20
  • End: 1070-12-20
  • Duration: 0 seconds
  • Repeat - checked
  • Every: 7 - days
  • Until - none

Calendar marker setup for the real calendar:

  • Start: 2022-03-01
  • End: 2022-03-01
  • Duration: 0 seconds
  • Repeat - checked
  • Every: 7 - days
  • Until - none OR Until - 2022-05-24

Answer the following questions, if possible:

  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably? YES
  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file? YES
  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file? NO

Any relevant files? NO

Sorry you have come across this issue and thanks for reporting it.
We have been able to reproduce it using the steps you provided, so will pass onto our developers to fix.