It would be nice to add 'something not used in the narrative view' to the filter

When you write randomly and come to the narrative view, it is difficult to distinguish between the node you used and the node you didn’t use. It would be convenient to add ‘something not used in the narrative view’ to the filter.

Hi @iromoi,

Filtering by narrative inclusion is already possible.

If you go into the filter sidebar and click on + More Filters and choose Narrative from the list, you get the option of then filtering by whether an item is In narrative or Not in narrative. This is particularly useful in Focused view, with the filter applied to Spreadsheet view in a split screen with the Narrative view in the other half of the split.

Filter the spreadsheet by narrative status and then add any items not in the narrative accordingly.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much.
Since I am not an English-speaking user, it is harder to interpret English than the program itself. Everyone living outside of the English-speaking world suffers from this…When will the language barrier disappear?
Thank you. Really.

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Not a problem. Glad to help. Given the language barrier, did my answer make sense to you? I can add some screenshots if that would help. But I won’t be able to get to my desktop computer until tomorrow, as I am away on business currently.

No, it’s been helpful enough. Thanks to you, I solved the problem. I’m testing dozens of software that can help organize the plot, and I’m testing for five years, but I’m a little tired because the only software that can accurately enter Korean is “Scrivener.” But I will continue to look for such software whenever I have time.