Item types not in the sidebar are unintuitively handled

If you create a new item type which you’re going to use infrequently and choose not to put it in the sidebar, it seems there is no way to add items of that type. If you click the add item icon, the type is greyed out. You have to go into settings/edit, add the type to the sidebar and then remove it from the sidebar again when you’re done. While this might not be a huge deal in terms of work, it’s unintuitive and clunky. It’s unclear from the settings page that the sidebar has this gatekeeping role, and it’s unclear why it should be the thing that dictates what items can or can’t be created from the icon. Worse, the item list in the main menu only repeats the same list of item types in the sidebar. Wouldn’t it be more logical to include all item types in this menu and have all item types available from the create icon?

Hi! It is not true. That items are grey not because they are not in the side view but because they do not fit the type of view where you want to insert them.

Look at the screenshot of my project. You can see that I have more available items than I have in the sidebar

Ah, yes, you’re right! I retract the main part of the original post then.

However there is still an issue, as there are all sorts of item types you might want to create from any view - and the sidebar does seem to gatekeep these. For instance, the only reason it appears that the Character type can be created in any view is that it is in the sidebar by default for the template I’m using. Take it out of the sidebar and you can no longer create new Characters in any view except Mindmap. Clearly most people would want to be able to do this in any view. While this is an extreme example, because most people would want to keep this type in the sidebar, it is easy enough to imagine any number of examples of types that you wouldn’t want to clutter the sidebar with, but that you’d still want to be able to add to easily. I have a type for a research to do list and I don’t want it on the sidebar, but it would be nice just to be able to add an item without having to faff over to the Mindmap view to do it. Like I say, it’s not that big a deal, but it does feel clunky.

Additionally, the only way (so far as I can see) to bring up a list of all items in a type is to have it on the sidebar. I would like to be able to access lists of items in any type, whether or not they’re on the sidebar.

Oh, it is clear for me now. You are right.

You don’t have your items in the menu “Item/Add”?

I can add any item I want from there… and it shows me the keyboard shortcut for each item…

Oh, of course you’re right! I was looking for this in the Show Item List menu item! :confused:

Since this is a feature request, I’d still like the add button to show this same list, or for that to be available as an option in settings.

Thanks for setting me straight though, to both Serabale and Jaran.

I didn’t ment to “set you straight” in any way…

It was just a question/tips about where to find it.

I agree that it would be nice to have a button for it, because it is one of the most used feature in aeon…

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