Items not in Narrative... gave unusual sync screen

I use Aeon 3.3.3 on Mac Studio M1 Max and Sonoma 14.0… it just works fine.
Below you find a rather descriptive account of my experience :slight_smile:

During the latest sync I noticed a discrete box in lower right part of screen, that Item was not in Narrative ( in Scrivener). This may happen if I have entered “same” article more than once (likely because I found it interesting to get it NOW, for later processing of details).

Now this time I looked into the matter, and found out that there was indeed NO copy in the narrative at all!

My system is to name “Documents” in Scrivener with date and heading…like this:
“2023-10-19 Here is a specific description…”. In this manner I keep the cronological order intact.

Since it was not present in Scrivener I searched the web for “Here is a specific description…” and bingo I found the article.

Now the funny part came when I wanted to sync to Aeon, because the only item shown “In White” was the newly added document and the rest of the scrivener project, some 3.000 ducuments were marked in yellow ( I am somewhat colorblind) as needing to be synced / Moved on timeline!!!
So first I saved my scrivener project and then I let the sync run. Seems to go fine…

So my question is: Why the red arrow in circle telling that there is a need to move the ‘old’ items on the timeline???

We’re not exactly sure why it would show all of your documents moving when you have just added a new one in. If you come across it again, if you send your files to we can look at why it is occurring.

Hi Jess
I have seen similar situations, now, but after I sync it just takes 2 blinks of an eye to have alle fine and present.

I have a notion, about the ‘cause’… in normal time my scrivener project grows slow, say 10-50 items per day and syncing these are fine. However should I find it necessary to created a new Aeon project for an exisiting quite lage Scrivener project, say 6.000 documents, I have found that a onetme BIG sync will never run tru, so what I did was to parse the scrivener “Draft” documents into a number of subfolders, with max about 500 items per folder. Mostly the sync will go fine (all but one folder is set to Ignore… etc). Not too big a job really.
So my idea is that it is this subfolderization that triggers this “moving items”