Keyboard Navigation When Event is Wider Than Screen

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Platform & OS Version

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 10
OS Language Setting: English

App Version

Version: 3.1.5
Application Shell: 3.1.5

Problem Description + Screenshots

Some events span wider than the screen, Epochs or Ages, for example.

In last version using

Control Key + [
Control Key + ]

Would advance you to the beginning of any next event.

That IS the case for events that do not span longer than the screen itself, like the Trojan War.

But, for events like the Holocene Epoch, or ANY longer-than-the-screen event, using the keyboard controls just selects the long event. Instead of this:

We get:

And, no change in our position on the timeline. Does not bring you to the start of that event.

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  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably?

  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file?

  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file?
    No. All.

Any relevant files?

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Thanks for reporting this, I have passed it onto our developers to look at.