Linking multiple scrivener projects to a single timeline document

Hi there, has anyone worked out a way to link/sync multiple scrivener projects to a single Aeon timeline document?

Is the development team working on this feature?


Unfortunately no, there isn’t a way to do this at the moment.

It isn’t something that is currently being worked on, but is on our feature request to consider adding in the future (it would have to involve adding the ability to have multiple Narratives).

Why complicate things? A single Narrative and a single Scrivener project provide the ability to (in my case) plot and write a multi-novel series. In fact, even if this feature were to be added, I wouldn’t use it. (I respect others who would use it, though.)

I know people that write large series of novels all in one Scrivener project. It has many advantages to keep the stuff together in one project.

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