Lunar cycle

Is there any way to show lunar cycles on the timeline?

I have pulled most of my timeline information across to Aeon Timeline now, but the phase of the moon on any given day is a key part of the setting in my novel and it would be good to not have to track this separately.

Also, I happen to use earth (with a bespoke calendar) in my fiction, so real world lunar cycle is what I’m after.

I don’t currently need it, but obviously it would be great for users to be able to define the periodicity of their own lunar cycles (and no doubt multiple moons…ARGH!).


I assume you are wanting the lunar cycle of an event to be automatically calculated based on its date? This isn’t currently available.
What you could do to track the lunar cycle would be to create a new list property that had all the lunar phases, and then you can manually set the phase for each of your events.
Or you potentially could use Calendar Markers, which allow you to mark certain times of the calendar, and can be repeated at defined intervals. You can also change the icon of these to ones that resemble moon phases.

Thanks Jess, I’ll try that.

I had the same problem and was able to solve it with Aeon Timeline 2 by introducing a “moon phase” field for the events, which puts the calculated moon phase. This is updated using a Python script.
This update doesn’t work with Aeon Timeline 3 because I can’t write the file format due to its complexity.