Mac/Scrivener sync issues

I have a fairly large Scrivener project and associated timeline, which was originally created in AT1 or 2. I haven’t been using the AT side for a while but am trying to get back into it.

Sync was previously enabled and working. This may have been with AT2. The Scrivener project still shows in sync prefs and the structure of its draft folder shows in the sync panel. However, for events that previously synced (most of them), I am having an issue I can’t resolve (or maybe I am misunderstanding).

Every Scrivener item now shows as green and “New in Scrivener”, in the sync panel even though the majority are not. If this meant manually relinking that them all that would be bad enough. But before syncing, Timeline actually shows the correct link between the Scrivener and AT items in the inspector panel … while at the same time reporting that the item is new in Scrivener. Example:

So I don’t even get a “change” button to relink if I want.

But when I run sync, each of these previously linked Scrivener items gets a new, duplicate event in AT, and the originally linked event remains there, now thoroughly unlinked.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, why can’t I sync the synopsis field in AT3 to the synopsis field in Scrivener? Evidently this worked in the past as many times have the same text in both. But now it only offers to sync Scrivener synopsis to AT3 summary. If that’s the only option, is there some way of bulk moving all the existing AT3 synopsis text to the corresponding summary field?

I’m using the latest versions of AT3 and Scrivener 3.

So I went back to an earlier version of the timeline, removed the existing sync, readded the sync, manually linked all the relevant entries to existing entities in AT3, and hit sync … and it just created new ones for everything. This seems entirely broken.

I replied to your email about this aswell, is it possible for you to send through your timeline file and Scrivener project to ? This will help us replicate what you are seeing and work out what the problem is.