macOS unresponsive interface

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Mac
OS Version: 10.15.7
OS Language Setting: English UK

App Version

Version: 3.0.9
Application Shell: 3.0.9

Steps to reproduce

As has been reported elsewhere, TL3 becomes unresponsive from time to time. This seems to happen when it has focus and is left unattended for a few minutes – approx 3 to 10-ish. After clicking something, it takes TL3 about 10 to 15 secs to respond.

Anyway, I noticed that every time this happens, the following is logged in sytem.log:

Oct  3 15:36:31 MBP diagnosticd[7274]: allowing Console (15048) access to stream due to admin status
Oct  3 15:36:31 MBP diagnosticd[7274]: Posting stream filter: "{
	    global = 47245099008;
Oct  3 15:36:31 MBP diagnosticd[7274]: System mode client started - Console (15048) - mode: 0xb, filter: "<empty>"

It’s sometimes followed by:

Oct  3 15:36:35 MBP Console[15048]: BUG in libdispatch client: vnode, monitored resource vanished before the source cancel handler was invoked { 0x600001ae0000[source], ident: 12 / 0xc, handler: 0x7fff488235d4 }

This is logged after the app responds, not when it becomes unresponsive.


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Thanks for the extra info. I will be investigating that this week.

It is a very strange one, it seems to be an Apple library putting itself to sleep or something, I don’t think it is happening in our code.

But hopefully I will be able to find a workaround.


I experienced the same on Windows 11 the other day, but I left it of focus with another application in front of it for a few hours, nothing in the workspace responded to mouse click, I had to close the application and reopen it…

I thought it just was a hick-up in system since it was a long time since I had a reboot, so I didn’t think about reporting it until I saw this one…

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I will do a test on windows 11 tonight and the next night…
first let Aeon stay open in focus
then let it stay open of focus and with another application on top.

Then I will see if my experience of this on Windows was a random occurrence or if it is reproduceable.

  1. test - I had two instances of Aeon Timeline open, one with focus, Screen in “sleep” mode, but PC on, running, no slep mode.
    Both instances was responsive after 7 hours of inactivity on Windows 11
  1. Day two
    Two open timeline, both off focus, Edge open with focus multiple open tabs.

7-8 hours

Can not reproduce this on Windows 11, both timeline instances was responsive.

Lockups are still happening on MacOS catalina (core i5 iMac/24Gb RAM) with v3.0.22. I have a small project management learning project and regularly, after some thinking time, I click on the interface and nothing happens. Takes maybe 5 seconds for a spreadsheet cell to highlight.

Thanks. We are still looking into this problem, unfortunately while we have seen it occur, we haven’t been able to find repeatable steps to reproduce it. When we have tried to add more debugging information it hasn’t occurred, and we have only seen it happen when working on other things.
We will continue to look into it to see if we can work out what the issue is.