Map integration (e.g. Google earth, fictional maps, 2D or 3D)

Hi there folks, wondering if anyone else is interested in requesting map integration for Aeon.

I used to use the timeline feature on Google Earth for history research, but found it was severely limited in scope. Aeon’s features are utterly fantastic by comparison, I think anyone using it would agree that basic point plotting nodes/timestamps/timespans in a 2D or 3D space would be very useful (whether for history, education or storyboarding for fictional worlds).

I’m pretty sure the Google Earth API is freely available too, think they support alternative overlays as well =)

Yeh… It would have been a neat feature to be able to map an event to a place using both offline and online map tiles. But until then
You may want to take a look at Running Reality.

Or one of these projects:

A few other tips for software that can be used to map events:

  • Obsidian has 3rd-party mapping plugin and a timeline plugin, in addition to the graph view.
  • Constellation App has both geolocation and timeline functionality for time serious, but it is a really powerfull Network Graph software, not a “writers’ tool” or a timeline tool like Aeon Timeline. It should be possible to import a CSV file from Aeon to it though, but you would need geo location fields for your events/objects.
  • QGIS has multiple plugins for Timeline Management, this is one of them (if it does what you need, I don’t know):

I know about a few others too, but those are Advanced Network Graph Tools or Text Analyzing Tools like:

These are just a few tips for alternative software… not suggestion for a solution…

Hi, Geo,

I would like to have the chance to create timelines connected with maps as we can see in this example:

This would make Aeon Timeline very interesting for History teachers.