Markdown frontmatter sync

I would love to have third sync options. Ulysses and Scrivener are fine. But it would be great to be able to sync with just .md files within folder structure, representing chapters and parts.

Metadata (notes, summaries, characters) would go in the yaml frontmatter: that section in the beginning of the .md file, separated by --- three dashes from the text content.

Such files might then be editable with any markdown editor. Obsidian, Typora or whatever. And you might make the .md file openable with a click in the Aeon Timeline. It is just as opening an .md file in the system preferred app.


Agreed. Any way to sync with obsidian would be great.


Agreed - Obsidian is becoming more and more popular amongst writers, and the timeline plug-ins available right now are encouraging but none even faintly approach Aeon’s capabilities. It would be a great service to the writing and historian community to create a markdown sync.

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I just thought, that typically in obsidian we cannot control the order of .md files in the folder. So we cannot be sure that they will have the same order as in Narrative tab.
In ulysses and scrivener we have fixed manual order of the texts. We can drag them as we wish. In obsidian we are limited to normal file orders like by name or by creation date.
There are plugins like Longform, that allow to have manual order, that is actually being saved in another file. Longform also allows to compile set of chapters in one bigger .md.
So I realized, that actually for writing exporting to just files is useless, as we cannot control the files order. Only if we use additional plugins in obsidian, but that becomes too complicated. Ulysses is absolutely fine, actually.
I do my research in obsidian and write actual novel in ulysses.

We have asked for this before, and asked for a way to eventually link md files to e.g. Notes or Description.

Peter has actually made a converter for Aeon3 files, take a look at: GitHub - peter88213/aeon3md: Markdown export for Aeon Timeline 3

Not exactly what you ask for, but it might help you until the developers figure out what to do.

What I do at the moment is to add a file link for all Aeon objects to my MD research files for that object, then at least I can open the MD file and either copy paste some text or add information I have researched to my Aeon project.

I also do this for any other software I use, e.g. Network Graph Software or GIS software or in my genealogy software like Gramps and Clooz4.
I can also add those files to my Zotero projects when needed, or export to MD from Zotero and then add those files to the software mentioned.

I support the possibility to sync data to a MD folder structure hierarchy, what we then do with the md files regarding order etc. will be up to the functions of the MD editor in use.
e.g., Zettr, Obsidian and Foam for VS Code have some form of longform or project addons of functions.

I would love for there to be a way to sync with Obsidian, and barring that then a way to sync with markdown files.

@keali regarding controlling the order of files in Obsidian, there’s a plugin called Longform which is great for writing novels etc.
It allows you to manually control the order of your files/chapters/scenes