Mermaid to Aeon Timeline

Inspired by both a need of my own and this recent post going in the other direction

I want to convert some mermaid files (gantt charts) to a format that I could import into Aeon Timeline. (In hushed tones also into ProjectLibre.) Before I go hacking up a script of my own I wondered if anyone had already created such a beast.

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Thanks for the tip on Mermaid. This looks really cool, and the file format is extensively documented. Best of all, the providers are keen to support an ecosystem around their software. Which do you think is easier: writing a plugin that exports csv files or parsing the mermaid files yourself?

Not being an expert JavaScript programmer my inclination is to parse the mermaid files. I use awk for such tasks especially when the data is line-orientened like the mermaid gantt format is. Looks like an exercise in reordering awk fields for output; not tried it yet.

Basically, the mermaid files contain high-level rendering instructions. If you know enough basics of JavaScript and node.js, you might consider reusing the mermaid parser for your standalone program: