Mindmaps - deleting?

Hello, Is there a way to delete Mindmaps in V3?
I use mind maps as scratch pads for playing around with ideas and, at times, they are discarded. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lucho,
It isn’t actually possible currently.

It was flagged to us prior to launch, but we decided not to delay the launch to add that one in.

We have designed a mechanism now, and will introduce it in a release soon.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your clarification. I look forwards to the mechanism, once it becomes available. TA

Is it still impossible to delete a mindmap? I was playing around with it and now I have 3 mindmaps that I’m not going to be using and can’t get rid of them.

Go to your mind map and look in the lower right corner for a little trash can icon. That deletes the current mind map.

The events in the mind map are not deleted, but you might want to have a backup copy of your mind map just in case I’m wrong on that point.

Cool software, isn’t it? I use other tools in addition to Aeon Timeline, but if I were stuck on a desert island, I could make do with Aeon for all my story planning.

Awesome, thanks Amontillado!

And you’re right, Aeon is the best for planning things out. I use it in conjunction with Scrivener now, and it really helps make things easier to track. Though OneNote is good for an overall world-bible.

I’m using the Windows desktop version 3. I’m in Mindmap view, but I don’t see a way to delete an instance. A trash can was mentioned, but I don’t see it. A screenshot might help.

Oh wait. I found this thread via search. Now I see that it appears to be for the Mac version. Does this mean that the Windows version lacks the ability to delete an instance of Mindmap?

The trashcan icon is located to the left of the zoom menu on the bottom right of the Mindmap View


However there is currently a bug where the contrast between the icon and the background makes it very hard to see on certain skins.
If you change the Skin to Aeon Blue by going to Tools->Options (Windows) or Aeon Timeline->Preferences (Mac), then it should appear for you.

We are currently working on this to be fixed in a future release.

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Thank you, Jess. I really appreciate your help.