Mindmaps - deleting?

Hello, Is there a way to delete Mindmaps in V3?
I use mind maps as scratch pads for playing around with ideas and, at times, they are discarded. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lucho,
It isn’t actually possible currently.

It was flagged to us prior to launch, but we decided not to delay the launch to add that one in.

We have designed a mechanism now, and will introduce it in a release soon.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your clarification. I look forwards to the mechanism, once it becomes available. TA

Is it still impossible to delete a mindmap? I was playing around with it and now I have 3 mindmaps that I’m not going to be using and can’t get rid of them.

Go to your mind map and look in the lower right corner for a little trash can icon. That deletes the current mind map.

The events in the mind map are not deleted, but you might want to have a backup copy of your mind map just in case I’m wrong on that point.

Cool software, isn’t it? I use other tools in addition to Aeon Timeline, but if I were stuck on a desert island, I could make do with Aeon for all my story planning.

Awesome, thanks Amontillado!

And you’re right, Aeon is the best for planning things out. I use it in conjunction with Scrivener now, and it really helps make things easier to track. Though OneNote is good for an overall world-bible.