More room for multiple calendar markers on the same date

I have a huge world that I’m plotting out with Aeon. Calendar Markers have helped a lot to keep things organized, help me remember birthdays, full moons, etc. But sometimes those events happen on the same day, and the markers/anniversary icons overlap and one disappears behind the other. Hovering over it will only show me the information of one of the items.

It would be nice if you could have extra space there (markers being showed vertically if they would overlap?), or an icon indicating there are several things happening during that time, and let you hover over it and see both.

I know I could move over one of those things by a few hours, maybe, as a work-around, but sometimes the dates/times are specific and they can’t be moved.


I’m working on some more technical days that I want repeating, but if they overlap then you can’t see the one that’s underneath. I thought with the ‘draw on timeline’ if we had multiple ones then maybe the colors would become stripes to show the two different markers, but that isn’t the case.

If instead of going overtop each other, they should stack horizontally like the events on a timeline.

EDIT: Another screenshot showing how cluttered it gets when I try and make sure everyone’s birthday gets shown.

Seconding this request.

The calendar I’m working with has holidays that coincide with the start of seasons, and the season marker is showing over the holiday one which isn’t ideal. I almost always look at timeline view with the zoom range being at Months level, so items overlap even 3 days apart or more.

Showing them vertically stacked (or having that as an option) would be great for markers that are date ranges as opposed to a single day. As it is you can only see one on the timeline, all others are hidden under it.