More tools for working with PARENTS

These 2 events are close in time however I’ve grouped similar events together using the PARENT feature and it’s difficult to get an understanding of the relationship between events that are nested in parents but occur around the same time.

Could there be a feature that allows you to toggle between VIEWING WITH PARENT and not viewing with parent?

Also a feature to EXPAND and COLLAPSE ALL parents at the same time?

In regards to your second request, you can select all your events (Edit->Select All), and then choose to expand/collapse all expanded items by going to View->Expand Parent Item or View->Collapse Parent Item.

This will mostly be the same as expanding/collapsing all parents at the same time, except for nested items. (eg. A is the parent of B, which is the parent of C). If everything is collapsed, and you select all the events, choosing Expand Parent Item will only expand A, not B. You will have to repeat the process to then expand all the parents at the next level.

Thank you. How about the first request? A single click to view all events in chronological order.

I will add it to our feature request list

Sorry - I should clarify. A feature which allows you to see all child events in chronological order - free of their parents - with a single click.