Mouse wheel issue number 2

Second issue is in the Mindmap view. Because the view resets position every time a file is opened, I want to use the mouse wheel to quickly centre the content or otherwise navigate around a map. However, the mouse wheel scrolling is effectively useless in my set up - which may be something to do with my personal mouse settings in Windows, though I don’t think I have changed the default behaviour of the mouse wheel. In any case, the behaviour of the mouse wheel is how I want it in every other app I use, so I don’t want to change it in the device settings. Per the mouse wheel issue number 1 thread, if changing the scroll speed with the mouse wheel in Mindmap is not suitable, it would be useful to have a user option to change the speed manually.

The mouse wheel is not set up to zoom on Mindmap View, this is something that we have on our list as a feature request.
The optical zoom for all views is controlled by the Zoom dropdown in the bottom right hand corner of each view, while the scroll wheel is used to control timing zoom on the Timeline View. Therefore if we just add scrolling for optical zoom on the other views, we would be left with a system where scroll zooming does different things on different views, which is not ideal. We are currently looking into ways we could do this to make it more consistent.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear - I was talking about using the mouse wheel to scroll, not zoom, in the Mindmap view. Whether it’s my mouse set up or something else, I don’t know, but for me it is so slow in the MIndmap it’s not really functional.

It potentially could be something particular to the file that is causing the slow scrolling. Is it possible to send through your timeline file to ?
Do you see the slow scrolling on the mind map in the example timeline “Murder on the Orient Express” which you can open from the Welcome Screen?

Yes, the Orient Express file also has slow scrolling on the Mindmap.

Is it also something you see on the other views (eg. Spreadsheet View) or is it just the Mindmap?

All other views work fine. It’s just the Mindmap.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to replicate this on our machines yet, but I have passed it not our development team to look into. If it is possible to create a video of what you are seeing, that would be helpful to them.

I have a rough video - Should I send this by email, as the form doesn’t appear to accept video formats?

Yes if you can send it via email that would be good.